Cartridge Iron Removal

This system is designed around the Pentair RFFE filter.

The action of RFFE forces dissolved iron and maganese to drop out of the flow, holding these elements in the matrix to vastly improve the taste and reduce staining of surfaces.

The RFFE works best as part of a three stage system including a SPECTRUM AMS pre-filter and CFB-Plus Carbon filter.

Our kit includes:

SPECTRUM large diameter triple housing system

Pre-assembled, off-the-shelf  filter cartridge housing systems make installation easier and reduce labour costs signifcantly.

These stylish systems come complete with WRAS approved housings, pressure gauges on inlet and outlet, coated brackets and a spanner for undoing the filter bowls.

AMS Pre-Filter
A SPECTRUM AMS filter provides effective sediment filtration whereby a silver ion antimicrobial additive inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes within the filter, whilst also preventing premature blocking of the RFFE cartridge from bio film build up. Where water supplies are chlorinated or anti-microbial properties are not required, a SPECTRUM PSP sediment filter can be chosen as an alternative option.

RFFE Cartridge

RFFE cartridges solve the complex issue of iron and manganese reducing dissolved iron from water, eliminating offensive taste and staining of taps, sinks and plumbing. Typical reduction levels are 70-90% and the RFFE is safe for drinking water applications. It is recommended that the RFFE is part of a three stage filter solution within a SPECTRUM EFHS housing system.

CFB-Plus Post-Filter

A fibredyne carbon cartridge, such as the Pentair CFBPlus, should be used post RFFE to trap any remaining precipitates. The dual purposed sediment and chlorine cartridge filters particulate whilst also improving chlorine, taste and odour.