How to install a membrane

Remove the end cap from the waste/product end - this is achieved by pulling the white tab on the white snap ring, the ring will snake out of its groove and the end cap will easily pull out.


The removed end cap should have an open end port as shown left


Inside the vessel you will find a bag containing the o-rings, sachet of silicon lubrication and the yellow security locking wedge


For the next stage you will need one of the o-rings and the lubrication sachet.

Apply a thin layer of lubrication to the o-ring.


Place the o-ring as shown.


Place the end cap back into position placing even pressure as you push it into position - when the cap is fully inserted you will be able to see a groove above the end cap as shown.

This is the most difficult part of the installation as it is tricky to keep the end cap straight as you push it into position - if you have a rubber mallet, or a hammer used with a soft piece of wood you can firmly tap the end cap into position - do not use a hard implement directly with the end cap as it can crack the plastic.


Once the end cap is in position replace the white snap ring in the groove - it snakes into position with the tab going in last.


Twist the ring until the tab is in the middle of one of the segments.


You can now install the yellow security wedge. The wedge will locate on the peg.


Using the scew provided secure the wedge into position.


Now that the end cap is securely in position we can now remove the end cap from the "feed" end (this end is blanked off on the end cap)

As with the other end remove the white snap ring by pulling the tab and snaking out the ring.
Again the end cap should come out quite easily.

You will note that the ends are different - one has an empty plastic groove (left) and the other has a seal - this is the brine seal (right). (see images below)

You now need to feed the membrane into the housing ensuring that the brine seal end of the membrane goes in LAST


Push the membrane in firmly so that it is fully inserted…


As with the other end place the lubricated o-ring on the ridge...

...and firmly push the end cap into place - as it is now being guided into place by the membrane spiggot you will find it much easier to correctly place the end cap in position.

Repeat the earlier steps to replace the snap ring and fit the security locking wedge