SFS Filter Sleeve

60-350 micron
The SPECTRUM range of filter sleeves provide a truly economical method of surface filtration

The nylon mesh sleeves is available in 60 to 350 micron and are colour-coded for easy identification (60µ - white, 100µ- blue, 150µ - brown, 200µ - green, 350µ - grey) and are ideal for coarser applications having the added benefit of being washable for re-use time and again.

The porous polyethylene (PP) sleeve is an ideal alternative for finer filtration, available in 5ì and 25ì in size 1 and 25ì in size 10. The PP benefits from intricate matrices of opencelled, multi-directional pores to create millions of tortuous paths within its structure.

Trapping larger particles on the surface and also smaller particles throughout creates a highly effective filter sleeve with the characteristics of a depth filter.

A support core is required to give the sleeve the strength it requires to withstand pressure differentials as the media removes debris.