Coral Range of Domestic Cabinet Water Softeners

10 and 15 litre softeners, time and metered. Our most popular domestic water softener featuring the very reliable autotrol valve. Available in Granite finish. New water saving and high flow versions available.

Coral water softeners are :
Compact, fitting under modern sinks, specifically designed to fit even the smallest gaps but still have a high capacity
Stylish, fitting equally well into any utility room or kitchen
Advanced, efficient and quiet
Designed to be simple to use
Versatile, 2 models for any size household

Timed controlled models regenerate automatically every 2 or 3 days. Meter controlled versions monitor the amount of water used to regenerate when it needs to.

Water Save Models
These use up to 40% less water during the regeneration process offering bigger savings over standard softeners.

High Flow Models
High performance softener with large internal bore giving a 35% increase in flow. These models are ideal for mains pressure, combi and megaflo boilers. Flow rates of over 65 l/min are achieved with no loss in performance.
Inlet/outlet 1", drain 3/4"