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Sita Point of Use MioLED UV

A LED UV system which can be fitted in a new system or replace an existing single tap UV. The systems use a powerful UV LED which destroys bacteria and cysts.

This technology can be used anywhere you have a point of use water drinking water tap : in houses, in offices, in restaurants, in sport’s centres, in exhibition halls, in shopping centres, in caravans, in boats and many more places.

. LED technology
. Energy and maintenance saving
. Switches on only when needed
. Small size
. Easy installation
. Plasma formation which leaves the unit creating airflow and increasing kills without the need of a noisy fan

Sita MioLED UV system  6 LPM  1/4

Sita MioLED UV system 6 LPM 1/4" Push Fit

408.45 (490.14 Including VAT at 20%)