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Filox-R Systems

Filox can be used for iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide removal by catalytic oxidation. It is a robust media allowing a faster service flow rate than other iron removal media. A pH of 7 is recommended for iron removal and 8 for manganese removal. It is a heavy media requiring a strong backwash. Adding other media is possible but can impair it’s service flow rate.

Iron Removal Criteria
pH: 7-9
Iron content: <15 ppm
*Oxygen:15% of iron and manganese content

Manganese Removal Criteria
pH: 8-9
Manganese content: <3 ppm
*Oxygen:15% of iron and manganese content

Hydrogen Sulphide Removal Criteria
pH: 6.8 - 9
Hydrogen Sulphide content: <7 ppm

*On Filox Systems fitted with Clack WS1 CI valves you can add an air draw kit to increase oxygen in the water making the filox more effective.

Filox is an excellant choice when tackling Iron, Iron and managanese or all three. If dealing only with manganese or only hydrogen sulphide there are better options (see seperate section).

Filox may not be the best option if you are struggling to get your pH up to the required level or you don't wish to use a seperate pH system. Filox is quite heavy so requires a high backwashing rate - if you are unable to produce the nessecary backwashing rate again you may have to look at different options or concider using two smaller systems in parallel to achieve the correct back washing rate.