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ELFI Self Cleaning Filters

Set up in 2007, ELFI has established itself as a market leading supplier of self-cleaning filters, cartridge filters, strainer filters and centrifugal separators for the water treatment industry.

With over 2,200 unique, patented solutions supplied to date, ELFI has installations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

They have a wealth of experience in such applications as pre-filtration within UF systems, evaporation / cooling towers, spray nozzle protection, heat exchange systems, sea water filtration, irrigation, pharmaceutical and the food and drinks industry.

With filtration levels from 2mm down to 1micron and flow rates from less than 1 m3/hr up to in excess of 1000 m3/hr, ELFI has a solution for almost every application.

The flagship product of the ELFI range is their selfcleaning back-flushing filter, this unique design uses differential pressure to achieve the self-cleaning and most importantly, does not take the filter out of service during the cleaning cycle.

The ability to completely self-clean whilst remaining in service, removes the need for costly replacement filter cartridges and with no down time, the return on investment for such a system can be measured in a few months, if not weeks.