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Medical Point-of-Use

Designed specifically for the POU medical market, the Pentair sterile shower and tap filters provide a guaranteed source of water that is free from Legionella and all other bacterial contaminations.

The 2018 all sterile range of hollow fibre POU filters work to stop and trap bacteria and fungi from critical water supplies, whilst at the same time, offering additional advantages over the old standard range including:

• 70 day validated life cycle
• Permanent antimicrobial growth protection over the life time of the product
• Gamma irradiated packaging for sterility, ensuring protection during all stages of transportation and installation

The shower filters are fitted with a unique, replaceable filter cartridge, which is made up of capillary micro filtration membranes, containing billions of microscopic pores. These form an ultrafine filter to retain any bacteria or fungi in the water.

Pentair shower filters have been created to minimise the risk of infection and ensure a source of clean, safe water for critical POU applications at the last possible moment before patient contact.